Koa for Guitar Construction

Hawaiian Koa

Koa grows in the rich volcanic soil of the Hawaiian Islands. Traditionally used by native Hawaiians for building outrigger canoes, Koa is a hardwood similar in density to Walnut and has become popular for furntiture building. It has also become a sought-after tonewood used extensively in Ukulele construction and has gained traction in the acoustic and electric guitar building community over the years.

Prized for its beautiful color and figuring, Koa is similar to Walnut in tone, procucing crisp tight midrange and extended highs. Koa is used for both acoustic and electric guitars, though for electric guitars is most often used as a figured top and paird with a softer wood like White Korina, Alder or Mahogany.

Bertram Nova Guitar, Highly Figured Koa Top

Bertram Nova Guitar, Koa Top, White Korina Back and the Evertune Bridge