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Guitar Chord Poster

Full size 24" x 36" guitar chord poster featuring often used open chords, barre chords, moveable jazz chords and major, minor and blues scales. The poster includes a border of photos of the greatest guitar heroes of the 1980's.

Gabriella Versace and Guitars

There's nothing quite like a girl with a guitar. These photographs by Brett W. Bertram feature the multi-talented Gabriella Versace of Las Vegas posing with some exotic custom-made and retail brand guitars.

Guitar Electronics

LVGWorks loves Seymour Duncan pickups but also have a great fondness for cutting edge and vintage brands like Lace Alumitone and TV Jones. We're happy to outfit your custom guitar with the pickups of yor choice.

Exotic Tone Woods

Bertram Guitars offers a variety of great North American tone woods as well as exotic tone woods from across the globe. Often it is a a combination of North American and Exotic tone woods that produces visually stunning and tonally awesome guitar.

Bertram Guitar Headstocks

You can get any headstock on any of our guitars. We will build a custom headstock from a napkin drawing if you so desire. At Bertram Guitars you get what you want and nothing less.

Guitar Finishes

Bertram Guitars offers a number of finishes to suit the player or collector's desires. For the player in search of tone we offer our hand rubbed oil and wax finish. This finish takes a substantial amount of time and attention and enables maximum resonance.

Guitar Hardware

Bertram Guitars uses only the best hardware. Our Nova guitar features the new EverTune bridge which is a true phenomenon in tuning technology! Follow the link above to discover who we believe makes the best guitar hardware available today.

Guitar Service & Repairs

Our service and repairs are second to none and our new facility should be up and running sometime before the end of 2015. We offer new guitar setups, old guitar tune-ups, fretjobs and complete overhauls.