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Nova Guitar

Bertram Nova Custom Guitar with Evertune Bridge

Spacehaug Guitar

Bertram Spacehaug Custom Guitar

Monarch Guitar

Bertram Monarch Custom Guitar

Troth Guitar

Bertram Troth Custom Guitar

Cuda Guitar

Bertram Coda Guitar

New Arrangement May, 2021 by Brett Bertram

Dorogoj Dlinnoju (By the Long Road) a.k.a Those Were the Days
by Boris Fomin (April 12, 1900 – October 25, 1948)
Instrumental Rock


Original Music by Brett W. Bertram

Waitin' for the Mountain

Theme II

Girl Nextdoor


Guitar Chord Poster

Full size 24" x 36" guitar chord poster featuring often used open chords, barre chords, moveable jazz chords and major, minor and blues scales. The poster includes the Circle of 5ths, a great tool for budding songwriters and a border of photos of the greatest guitar heroes of the 1980's. This guitar chord poster has all the information you need to play rock n roll guitar, plus the inspiration.

One-of-a-Kind Guitars

Bertram Guitars can create truly custom designed guitars in a reasonable time frame through its partnership with Bertram Guitars. Whether it's a company logo, a digitally designed illustration, a concept or a drawing on a napkin, the Bertram Guitars design team can bring it to life as a masterpiece guitar that will inspire you, your family, friends or your corporate shareholders.

G & L Legacy Guitar

G & L Guitar with Buzz Feiten Tuning, 1996

Beautiful white G & L Legacy Guitar. This 1995/1996 G & L Legacy offers G & L's unique 3 bolt bolt-on neck with tilt/angle adjustment and Buzz Feiten tuning. It is a one owner guitar in excellent near-mint condition that comes with the original certificate of authenticity, adjustment wrenches and owner's manual.

Tanglewood Parlor Guitar

This 2004 Tanglewood TW73 parlor guitar is a mint condition single owner guitar with a super-deluxe hardshell case. It boasts a solid Cedar top, solid Mahogany sides and back and a single piece Mahogany neck with a classic Martin style volute. This guitar is an early all solid wood model that sounds great and really projects!

Tanglewood TW73 Parlor Guitar, 2004

Roman Quicksilver Guitar

Ed Roman Quicksilver Guitar, 2009

This Mahogany on Mahogany Quicksilver Guitar from 2009 built by the late Ed Roman is a PRS style player guitar that boasts directly coupled Seymour Duncan Pickups, black hardware, Tone-Pros Tune-O-Matic Bridge and Planet Wave auto-trim locking tuners. This is another one owner guitar that is near mint condition.

Tacoma Limited Edition ECM38C

Tacoma ECM38C Limited Edition Amazon Top Guitar, 2001

This limited edition ECM38C (#44 of 100) 2001 Tacoma guitar boasts a 5,000 year old Amazon Cedar top. All solid wood with Mahogany sides and back with Ebony fretboard, headstock overlay, tailpieces and string pins. Beautiful Abalone purfling accents the fully bound body. Finish problems typical of the pre-Fender era Tacoma's.

Epiphone Wilshire Reissue

2008 was the year that started the Wilshire Reissue craze. I don't think Gibson expected the public's pent-up demand for different shapes and styles of guitars as the first batch of Limited Edition guitars quickly sold out and the Limited Edition Wilshire Reissue became the Unlimited Edition Wilshire. I purchased this 2008 Wishire Reissue when it was first released in 2008.

Epiphone Wishire Reissue Guitar, 2008

Samick Artist Slimline Blues

Samick Artsist Guitar, 1999

Samick is a Korean company that has been building some of the best lower cost guitars for top name USA brands since 1958. Epiphone by Gibson and Squier by Fender are two companies that have utilized Samick's factories. This pre-2000 Samick Artist slimline blues guitar is near perfect in its construction and cosmetics.