Lacewood for Guitar Construction


The term Lacewood has been used to describe any species of wood that has a lace-like figuring, but for our purposes it is the name given to the wood from the American Sycamore tree. Unusual in its tightly packed honeycomb style figuring, Lacewood make a nice top for any style guitar.

Lacewood is relatively easy to work and takes finishes and stains well, although some adverse reactions to wood sold under the title "Lacewood" have been reported.

Sycamore is a hardwood tree and grows amongst the largest in North America, 60-to 100-feet tall. Its trunks average two- to four-feet across, though trees fifteen-feet across have been recorded. Sycamore fourishes in moist climates. A practical benefit of sycamore growth is that the wide crown of a mature sycamore tree buttresses streams and riverbanks and prevents soil erosion along steep inclines. The bark is white, smooth and silky. Drying time is 26 weeks or longer for use as a fine wood.

Lacewood Used for Guitar Construction