Guitar Body Repair Services

Work Description Cost
Custom Carving Chambering, Beveling, Belly Cuts etc. POR
Stripping Complete Stripping of the Gutiar's Finish POR
Stripping Bolt On Body, Lacquer Finish $400.00
Stripping Bolt On Body, Poly Finish $300.00
Stripping Neck-Through, Set-Neck, Lacquer Finish $400.00
Stripping Neck-Through, Set-Neck, Poly Finish $475.00
Neck Stripping Bolt-On Lacquer $100.00
Neck Stripping Bolt-On Poly $175.00
Neck Stripping Neck Lacquer Removal (Rickenbacker Style Necks) $300.00
Neck Conversions Thinning of Profile $200
Neck Conversions Shaping of Profile $200
Heel Reduction Set-Neck: Heel Reduction or Removal, Partial Re-Finish $300.00
Heel Redcution Set-Neck: Heel Reduction or Removal, Complete Re-Finish $600.00
Custom Pickguard Plus Material and Installation, Beveling Extra $125.00
Guitar Scratch Build $600.00