Amber Stained Guitars

These guitars are not for sale. I shot these guitar photos over the course of a number of years. Shown below are examples of amber stained guitars built by various manufacturers.

xxxxx Guitar

Driskill Guitar

This Driskill guitar features a nicely flamed top stained in amber.

xxxxx Guitar

PRS Guitar in Amber

PRS is the established name in fine guitars. This one features a nice flamed maple top stained in amber.

Amber OLP Guitar

Amber Stained OLP Guitar

OLP made some pretty decent low cost guitars back around 2005. This is one of them that features a screaming quilted amber veneer.

Amber Stained JET Guitar

JET Guitar in Amber

JET guitars are perhaps the finest single luthier guitar available today and this feature a light amber top.

Amber Quilted Maple Top Guitar

Amber Quilted Maple Top Guitar

This quilted maple top is stained deep amber and is built along the same lines as the PRS shown above.

xxxxx Guitar

Amber Stained Flipped Lefty A-20 Guitar

This Wasburn A-20 style guitar features an amber stained quilted Maple top and is flipped upside down and left-handed to boot.

Amber Stained Driskill Guitar

Hamer Bass Guitar

This Hamer Bass is sporting a lightly stained Amber Quilted Maple top.