Blonde Guitars

These guitars are not for sale. These are examples of blonde colored guitars that I've shot over the course of a number of years built by a variety of manufacturers. Blonde covers a wide range of finish styles and colors. A blonde guitar can be painted, stained or natural, it just needs to be light yellowish in color.

Blonde Fender Telecaster Guitar

Blonde Finish Vintage Fender Telecaster Guitar

Many think of this color Fender Telecaster when the term blonde is used to describe a guitar.

Blonde Bertram Troth Guitar

Blonde White Korina Bertram Troth Guitar

This variety of Limba (White Korina) has a beautiful light golden color when oiled and is a good example of a natural blonde guitar.

Blonde DAngelico Jazz Guitar

Blonde Natural D'Angelico Jazz Guitar

This big jazzbox has a clear gloss finish and the color of the wood makes it a natural blonde.

Blonde Eastman Acoustic Guitar

Blonde Flat Top Eastman Acoustic Guitar

Many acoustic guitars have naturally blonde tops, as Spruce is a favored wood for an acoustic guitar top and Spruce is a naturally blonde wood.

Blonde Epiphone Guitar

Blonde Epiphone Slimline Blues Guitar

The blonde Epiphone Slimline guitar shown here was signed by BB King and features a clear gloss finish over the natural blonde wood.

Blonde Jay Turser Guitar

Blonde Natural Jay Turser Slimline Blues Guitar

This is a low-cost blonde, Jay Turser Slimline Blues guitar.

Blonde Mosrite Acoustic Guitar

Blonde Mosrite Acoustic Guitar

Very rare blonde Mosrite Acoustic guitar.

Blonde Rickenbacker Bass Guitar

Blonde Rickenbacker Guitar

This Rickenbacker Bass sports a painted blonde finish.

Blonde Rickenbacker Doubleneck Guitar

Blonde Doubleneck Rickenbacker Guitar

This guitar is a rare blonde doubleneck Rickenbacker.

Blonde Steinberger Guitar

Blonde Natural Steinberger Guitar

The Steinberger GS guitar sports a coat of clear gloss over the natural blonde wood.