Blue Guitars

These guitars are not for sale. They are guitars that I've shot over the course of a number of years. These are examples of blue colored guitars built by various manufacturers.

Blue Quilted Maple Top JET Guitar

Blue Quilted Maple Top JET Guitar

This screaming blue quilted Maple top JET guitar is among the finest quilts I've seen. The boomatch is impeccable and build quality is phenomenal.

Blue Floral Ibanez JEM Guitar

Blue Floral Ibanez JEM Guitar

This fast action Ibanez JEM, Steve Vai's guitar of choice, boasts a stylish blue floral finish.

Warwich Streamer Blue Chrome Bass Guitar

Warwick Streamer Blue Chrome Bass

The Warwick Streamer in Blue Chrome finish is an awesome choice to begin our blue guitar gallery.

Blue Marble J Frog Guitar

J Frog Blue Marbleized Guitar

This J Frog gutiar from the 1980's sports a cool marbleized finish giving the guitar term "slab" a whole new meaning.

Ink Blue Mosrite Guitar

Ink Blue Mosrite Guitar

This classic Mosrite Mark I Guitar sports the awesome Ink Blue that Mosrite made famous.

Blue McNaught Guitar

Blue McNaught Guitar

This early serial number, deep blue quilted Maple topped McNaught guitar features a heavily inlaid alien landscape on the fretboard.

Dean BlueBurst Guitar

Dean Blueburst Z Guitar

This is the color Dean made famous, the Blueburst.

xxxxx Guitar

Duesenberg Blue Pearl

A deep blue mother of pearl mosaic tops this made in Germany art decco style guitar

xxxxx Guitar

Hamer Blue Standard

This Hamer Standard is everything you'd ever want in a Hamer.

Italia Modulo Guitar in Blue Flake

Italia Modulo Blue Flake

The Italia packs a lot of style into a lower cost guitar, and I gotta admire their flair for design.

Kramer Blue Baretta Guitar

Kramer Baretta

The Kramer Baretta is a classic guitar body style that's super comfortable to play.

BC Rich Wave Bass Guitar

BC Rich Blue Sparkle Wave

The BC Rich Blue Sparkle Wave Bass is a head turner.

Roman Pearlcaster Guitar

Roman Pearlcaster Ink Blue Strat Style Guitar

The Roman pearlcaster was Ed Roman's version of the Fender Strat.

Steinberger XQ Bass Guitar

Steinberger XQ Bass in Blue

Steinberger Bass

Boutique Blue Flame Top Guitar

Blue Flamed Maple Top

This guitar has a great flame pattern and blue stain enhancements.

Canvas Guitar

Canvas Guitar

A nice mild blue on this Canvas guitar.