Examples of Bolt-On Guitars

These guitars aren't for not sale. I shot these photos over the course of a number of years and they're provided as reference only.

Backplate for Neck Joint on Bolt-On Fender Stratocaster Neck Joint Allen Bolts on Directly Coupled Bolt-In Bertram Troth Guitar Neck Joint Backplate on Bolt-On Ibanez JS Series Neck Joint Screws on Bolt-On Ibanez Guitar

Shown above are four different styles of bolt-on guitar neck joints. The Fender and Ibanez guitars utilize wood screws to secure the neck to the body while the Bertram Troth guitar uses Allen bolts and brass inserts.

Fender Stratocaster Bolt-on Guitar

Fender American Stratocaster

Perhaps the most well-known bolt-on guitar is the Fender Strat. This and American Stratocaster in Olympic White.

Charvel San Dimas 25th Anniversary Bolt-on Guitar

Charvel San Dimas 25th Anniversary

Charvel builds one of the world's finest bolt-on guitars. This Charvel boasts a Fender headestock and has a gorgeous flamed maple cherry-burst top.

Kramer Baretta Holoflash Bolt-on Guitar

Kramer Baretta Holoflash Guitar

Kramer was big in the 1980s with shredders and still makes excellent bolt-on guitars today.

Bertram Spacehaug Bolt-on Guitar

Bertram Spacehaug Guitar

The Bertram Spacehaug is a starship inspired, directly coupled bolt-on metal machine.

Mosrite 1965 Reissue Bolt-on Guitar

Mosrite 1965 Reissue Guitar

No one and nothing defines surf music like the bolt-on Mosrite Guitar. This one is an Ink Blue 1965 Reissue.

EVH Wolfgang Special Bolt-on Guitar

"EVH Wolfgang Special Guitar

The bolt-on EVH Wolfgang Special yet another offering from Peavy and EVH.

Ibanez Petrucci Signature Picasso Bolt-on Guitar

Ibanez Petrucci Signature Picasso Guitar

The bolt-on Ibanez Petrucci Picasso is an artistic speed demon with that awesome Ibanez neck profile.

Burns Hank Marvin Bolt-on Guitar

Burns Hank Marvin Guitar

The bolt-on Burns Hank Marvin serves up twang like nobody's business.

Renaissance Bolt-on Guitar

Renaissance Guitar

Renaissance bolt-on Guitars are terrific guitars for acoustic tones from electric instruments.

DiPinto Mach IV Bolt-on Guitar

DiPinto Mach IV Guitar

Retro styling with racing stripes. The DiPinto bolt-on is a fun guitar.

Italia Modulo Bolt-on Guitar

Italia Modulo Guitar

The Italia bolt-on offers unique retro styling and interesting choices in materials.