Explorer Shaped Guitars

These guitars are not for sale. They are guitars that I've shot over the course of a number of years. These are examples of Explorer shaped guitars built by various manufacturers.

Gibson Explorer Guitar

Gibson Explorer Guitar

This is a stock Gibson image of the guitar shape that started it all. The Explorer was copied in one form or another by every manufacturer below.

Washburn A-20 Explorere Style Guitar

Washburn A-20 Explorere Style Guitar

This is Wasburn's entry into the Explorer syle guitar market. This guitar features an offset design that pays tribute to the Explorer style without ripping it off completely.

Ibanez Explorer Lawsuit Guitar

Ibanez Explorer Guitar

This is one of the lawsuit era Ibanez Explorer copies.

Moonston Exploder Explorer Shaped Guitar

Moonstone Exploder Guitar

The Moonstone Exploder is a neck-through version of the Explorer, built with exotic tone woods. Steve Helgeson was among the first in the industry to utilize unusual and exotic tone woods in his guitar construction.

Moonstone Exploder Explorer Shaped Guitar

Moonstone Exploder Guitar

Another Moonstone Exploder sports a burled Maple top and neck-through-body construction.

Jackson Firebird Guitar

Jackson Firebird Guitar

The Jackson Firebird was almost an exact copy of the gibson firebird except for the bolt-on neck.

Ibanez Destroyer Explorer Shaped Guitar

Ibanez Destroyer Guitar

This Ibanez Destroyer was designed differently enough from the Gibson Explorer to keep it safe from lawsuits.

Dean Z Explorer Shaped Guitar

Dean Z Time Capsule

The Dean Z skewed the explorer shape just enough to make it legal.

Dean Z Blueburst Explorer Shaped Guitar

Dean Z in Classic Blueburst

This Z is fully bound and painted in the classic blueburst finish was poularized by Dean.

BC Rich Wanderer Explorer Shaped Guitar

BC Rich Wanderer

BC Rich at least paid tribute to the Explorer in the naming of their version of this iconic guitar.

Hamer Blitz Explorer Shaped Bass Guitar

Hamer Blitz Bass

The Hamer Blitz Bass sports the Red, White and Blue.

Jackson Kelly Explorer Shaped Guitar

Jackson Kelly Guitar

Jackson Kelly is an explorer shaped guitar that throws neck-through-body construction and some complicated beveling into the mix to create a unique Explorer.

Headless Custom Explorer Shaped Guitar

Headless Custom Explorer Shaped Guitar

This is a custom build using a Steinberger tailpiece and a Moses neck.

Gibson Firebird Bass Guitar

Gibson Firebird Bass

The Gibson Firebird is like the chubby cousin of the Gibson Explorer.