Hard Tail Guitars: Examples of Guitars with Hard Tail Bridges

These guitars are not for sale. They are guitars that I've shot over the course of a number of years. They are here as examples of hard tail guitars.

Gibson Les Paul Junior Hard Tail Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Junior

Perhaps the hardest of all hard tail gutiars, the Gibson Les Paul Junior sports a wraparound tail without intonation saddles. Without the adjustable saddles, which are present in all modern electric guitar bridges, the guitar cannot be properly intonated

BC Rich Son of Beast (SOB) Hard Tail Guitar

BC Rich SOB (Son of Beast) Guitar

This BC Rich SOB features a string-through-body tail with a tune-a-matic bridge. The string-through-body construction boost the low end of the guitar and aids in sustain.

1972 Telecaster Duluxe Hard Tail Guitar

1972 Fender Telecaster Guitar

Notice anything different about this Telecaster? The Strat style headstock adds style and oomph to the collectibility of this vintage hard tail Telecaster guitar.

Driskill Diablo Hard Tail Guitar

Driskil Diablo Guitar

This boutique guitar features a clasicstyle "stop" tailpiece and "tune-a-matic" bridge with adjustable saddles for intonating the guitar.

Tome Anderson Hard Tail Guitar

Tom Anderson Guitar

This is a boutique Tom Anderson hard tail guitar. It is a very recognizable telecaster shape, but with a top that's worthy of anyone's private collection.

Bertram Monarch Hard Tail Guitar

Bertram Monarch Guitar

The Bertram Monarch Guitar features an original TonePros Bridge and Tailpiece. The TonePros brand Bridge and Taipiece is the best quality and best designed hardware of its type.

Bertram Cuda Hard Tail Guitar

Bertram Cuda Guitar

The Bertram Cuda features a Schaller hard tail bridge. Schaller plate style bridges are the best in the industry.

Tom Holmes Hard Tail Guitar

Tom Holmes Guitar

This Tom Holmes hard tail guitar sports a traditional style chrome tailpiece.