Jazz Guitars

These guitars are not for sale. They are guitars that I've shot over the course of a number of years. These are examples of large bodied Jazz guitars, also called jazzboxes. The primary way to differentiate between Jazz and Rockabilly guitars is the bridge. A true Jazzbox has a floating/movable, usually wooden, bridge.

DAngelico Teardrop Jazz Guitar

D'Anglico Teardrop Jazz Guitar

This D'Anglico Teardrop is the epitome of beautiful jazzboxes. This one boasts a floating ebony bridge found on the super-duper high-end jazz guitars.

Hofner Jazz Guitar

Hofner Jazz Guitar

This Hofner jazzbox sports a floating rosewood bridge that is typical of upper end jazz guitars.

DiPinto Bacchus Jazz Guitar

DiPinto Bacchus Jazz Guitar

The DiPinto Bacchus is a lower cost entry into the jazz guitar arena and does not have the wooden movable bridge.

Gretsch The Fred Jazz Guitar

Getsch "The Fred" 1965 Anniversary Guitar

This beauty is from 1965 with a killer floating roller bridge.

Gibson ES 175 Jazz Guitar

Gibson ES 175 Jaz Guitar

This Gibson ES 175 also sports the moveable bridge.

Duesenber Jazz Guitar

Duesenberg Carl Carlton Jazz Guitar

The Duesnberg Carl Cartlon is another great guitar from Duesenberg.

Eastman Pagelli Jazz Guitar

Eastman Pagelli Jazz Guitar

The Pagelli Signature Series, designed in Switzerland by Claudio and Claudia Pagelli, is handcrafted in the Eastman workshop and built of AAA spruce and maple tonewoods.