Natural Finish Guitars

These guitars are not for sale. These are natural finsih guitars, without paint or stained enhancements, that I've shot over the course of a number of years. Some of these have a coat of clear gloss and others have natural oil finishes. These are examples of natural guitars built by various manufacturers.

Natural Finish Bertram Nova Guitar

Bertram Nova Natural Koa Top Guitar

This Bertram Guitars' Bertram Nova boasts a natural Oil and Wax finish. This wood is so beautiful that it did not need a coat clear gloss to enhance the grain. The lack of clear gloss also adds to the tonal integrity of the guitar.

Natural Finish Bertram Spacehaug Guitar

Bertram Spacehaug Black Korina Guitar

This Bertram Guitars' Bertram Spacehaug boasts a Supreme 10 Coat Oil and Wax finish. The lack of clear gloss allows the wood to vibrate at its peak resonance.

Natural Finish Alembic Bass Guitar

Alembic Natural Bass Guitar

Alembic guitars and basses use some of the most beautiful woods available. The natural beauty of the woods that Alembic chooses need no enhancements.

Natural Alembic Guitar

Alembic Orion Guitar

This Alembic Orion guitar is an example of a natural Maple top drawing contrast with the dark wood used for the back of the guitar.

Natural BC Rich Seagull Guitar

BC Rich Seagul Natural Koa Guitar

This BC Rich Seagul sports and oil finish on the natural Koa neck-through portion and wings.

Natural BC Rich Stealth Guitar

BC Rich Natural Stealth Guitar

This BC Rich Stealth guitar boasts a natural quilted Maple top.

Natural Breedlove Acoutic Guitar

Breedlove Acoustic Natural Guitar

This Breedlove acoustic sports a natural spruce top. Spruce is the top choice for a guitar top for acoustic players who play with picks

Natural Ibanez Destroyer Guitar

Ibanez Destroyer Natural Guitar

This Ibanez Destroyer is another natural colored classic guitar.

Natural Moonstone Exploder Guitar

Moonstone Exploder Natural Guitar

Natural burled Maple is what makes this Moonstone Exploder stand out in a crowd. The natural variations in burled wood make it a great choice for a natural guitar.

Natural Renaissance Guitar

Renaissance Natural Mahogany Guitar

This Renaissance guitar is all Mahogany and all natural too, as it wears only a coat of oil to allow the full range of piezo tones to come through.

Natural Steinberger Guitar

Steinberger Guitar

This naturally dark Steinberger GS Guitar features a Cocobolo top on an alder back.

Natural Warrior Guitar

Warrior Natural Maple Guitar

This Warrior guitar has a nice quilted Maple top that has no need for any stain of enhancement.

Natural Warwick Acoustic Bass Guitar

Warwick Acoustic Bass Guitar

This Warwick acoustic bass sports a natural spruce top and a satin finish, which makes is a super-natural bass.