Slimline Blues Guitars: Hollow Body and Chambered Blues Guitars

These guitars are not for sale. They are guitars that I've shot over the course of a number of years. These are examples of hollow bodied and chambered guitars usually used for playing the blues.

Epiphone Dot Slimline Blues Guitar Signed by BB King

Epiphone Dot Semi-Hollow Body Blues Guitar

This natral Epiphone Dot slimline blues guitar was signed by the great BB King.

Eastman Slimline Blues Guitar Guitar

Eastman Semi-Hollow Body Blues Guitar

This thinline electric Eastman guitar was made with a solid top, sides and back.

Custom Built Slimline Blues Guitar

Custom Slimline Blues Guitars

This beauty is a custom built slimline blues electric guitar with flamed maple top, sides and back.

Duesenberg Double Cat Blues Guitar

Duesenberg Double Cat Guitar

This slick thinline blues guitar from Germany's Duesenberg is an interesting entry into the blues guitar arena.

Eastman Single Cutaway Slimline Blues Guitar

Eastman Single Cutaway Slimline Blues Guitar

This guitar is a single cutaway version of Eastman's popular slimline blues guitar.