Schaller Guitar Tuners

Schaller makes super solid, precisely machined tuners. They are little bit heavier than the Sperzel Tuners but they add a little extra heft to a headstock when it's needed for proper balance. Schaller is a Gernam company that builds their parts to amazingingly high quality standards. Schaller makes a wide variety of styles and offers tuners made of specialized lightweight materials like nylon.

Highly stylish and made right, Scaller tuners retain their finish longer than any other brand I've experience.

Schaller Locking Tuner Schaller Locking Topmount Tuner Scaller Locking Tuner Schaller Locking Tuner Scaller Davinci Tuner
Schaller M6 Chrome Tuner Schaller M6 Chrome Tuner Schaller M6 Gold Tuner Schaller Nylon Tuner Schaller Vintage Tuner