TonePros Guitar Bridge

ToneProse Bridge and Tailpiece for 6 String Guitar

TonePros Bridge and Tailpiece on Bertram Troth Guitar

TonePros is Top-Shelf Tune-a-Matic Style Bridge

There are many brands of two-piece bridges consisting of a stop tailpiece and separate bridge. It can be difficult to tell the superior brand from the average. The TonePros Tune-O-Matic bridge is the cream of the crop, and a very well-made bridge. It is the de-facto leader for this kind of two-piece bridge style.

Why is TonePros Better?

It is a step above other tune-a-matic style bridge systems because the TonePros bridge takes steps to minimize amy moving parts that can detract from the tone of an insrument. For example, the posts that bridge sits upon allow a minute amount of wiggle room. To eliminate this, TonePros utilizes two small allen bolts to secure the bridge to each bridge post. This means there is no wiggle room in the parts that make up the bridge, which results in better tone tranference and a better sounding guitar.